25 Bookish Facts About Me

So, here’s the thing. My name is Gerta, I am seventeen and from Estonia. A self-certified bibliophile.

I have been thinking about creating a blog for a while now. The idea of sharing my opinions on books  and characters seemed amazing and the people who do this always seem to have a really good time. So why not.

I wanted my first post to be somewhat informational and after watching Regan’s (PeruseProject) new video on Youtube, a lightbulb went on.

So here you go, 25 Bookish Facts About Me.

1. My favourite book from my childhood is “Peter Pan” , I will forever love it.
2. I love fairytales and fairytale retellings.
3. When I look at my bookcase it makes me feel proud.
4. “The Shadow of the Wind” is, in my opinion, a revolutionary book. SO GOOD!
5. 99.9% of my books are second hand
6. I always keep the dust jacket on when reading a hardcover book.
7. Whenever I see or hear about a book that takes place during World War II, I need to read it or get it or both…I love World War II .
8. Percy Jackson is my Harry Potter
9. The last one brings me here… I have not read the whole Harry Potter series, only the first three books and I didn’t love them.
10. Reading slumps are my worst enemy. Sometimes I can fall into one for months ( screaming internally at that horror) .
11. I have a couple of books that I bought because I liked the premise. I have yet to read them.
12. I have over 100 ebooks on my phone, it feels amazing to carry around a library 🙂
13. I have never listened to an audiobook.
14. I suck at reading series, because I never finish them and when I do, I do it a million years later.
15. I fangirl at the most inappropriate times and places.
16. I actually love cracked spines on books.
17. When I love a book, I don’t mention it to people. When they start talking about it on their own accord, then I join in on the convo. If that doesn’t happen, the books are MINE.
18. I have got quite good at multitasking while reading.
19. When I found Goodreads I found heaven.
20. People borrow my books quite often…I nearly always regret letting them do that. I start making up scenarios in which they ruin them and that’s why it’s taking so long for them to bring them back.
21. I love reading so much I have tried to get my sister into it.
22. I always try to read books that people recommend to me.
23. I once forgot to return a book to the library, then I lost it and when I finally found it, a year had passed.
24. Books are the answer to nearly every question. Trust me.
25. I want to study Literature in university.

And those are the 25 Bookish Facts About Me.


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