Top 5 Wednesday

Today is wednesday and today is also the day I decided to try out Top 5 Wednesday. It was created by Lainey, you can find her on Youtube as Gingerreadslainey .
The link to the Goodreads group is here , so feel free to check it out and give it a try as well.

Top 5 Wednesday means that every week booktubers and bloggers get a topic and they have to state their favourite or least favourite books based on that.

This week the topic is Worst Love Interests, it is also the last one for February.

Now you’ll see who I think are the worst love interests in books I have read.

1. “Gone” by Michael Grant

So in this book Astrid and Sam are the “main couple” . And in my opinion Astrid is literally one of the worst female love interests ever. I really like this book, but I can’t stand Astrid. Don’t ask why because I can’t explain it.

2. “Shatter me” by Tahereh Mafi

Now here’s the thing, at first I kind of liked Adam. Then I didn’t like him at all. Especially after reading the second book (I still haven’t read the third) . He just, I don’t know, started sounding more like a jerk rather than a guy someone would want to be in a relationship with.

3. “Awaken” by Katie Kacvinsky

This book was really good and if I’m not wrong I gave it 5 stars on Goodreads. I really liked the idea behind a world where everything is done on the computer and people rarely leave their homes. One thing that I hated about this book though, was Justin. I really felt like Maddie was making a mistake by falling for him. At first I liked them and thought they were the perfect OTP, but then I noticed how agitating Justin actually was. Like dude you either love her or you don’t, stop playing around.

4. “Elixir” by Hilary Duff


I didn’t really like the book and neither did I like the protagonists. Clea was not a very strong leading character, she had no personality and Sage (her soulmate, that’s right) was horrible as well. I just felt nothing for the both of them, so this one kind of counts as two love interests, who are the worst.

5. “Gilt” by Katherine Longshore


I couldn’t come up with another book, so for the fifth worst love interest I chose Henry VIII. Let’s be honest here and look at the fact that he was a horrible man. I loved the book itself, it was really well written, and at times Henry VIII actually seemed like an okay person. But looking at the facts though I think we can all agree that he is not exactly husband of the year material.







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