Hunger Games Themed Book Ask

I saw this on Tumblr and it looked really cool so I decided to answer all the questions as well.

The questions were really good and a little challenging, because either a lot of books popped into my mind at once or none at all.

After thinking and planning for a while, these are the final answers I came up with.

(I don’t know who the creator is of this tag, but all credit goes to her/him)

The Arena: Which book would destroy all others in its genre?

Paranormal fantasy look out, this book is the BOMB . Read it because I saw a video on Casey’s Youtube channel and I will never regret that decision.

The Capitol: Who is the most frivolous character you have ever read?

Howl is exactly the kind of character who just goes ”Whatever, I don’t care.” at so many things. Love him 🙂

District 1: Which book has the most luxurious cover?

Could someone say that this is the most beautiful book cover ever? No? Okay, I’ll say it. IT IS GORGEOUS. And the book itself is amazing as well, so double the points.

District 2: Which book is heavy as a brick?

This book could legit be a murder weapon, I am not even kidding.

District 3: What technology have you read about in a book that you wish was available now?

I like the OASIS if looking at a few certain angles of the system, so I guess it would be kind of cool, but only if society doesn’t end up the way it did in the book.

District 4: Which book makes you think of water, oceans, and the creatures in their depths?

Many of the Percy Jackson books mention water and the sea and gods and so on. So this is not only the first book, but both the PJ series.

District 5: Name a character who has an electrifying personality.

Étienne St. Clair is a wonderful character and if you don’t think so…Who the hell are you?!

District 6: Which book transports you to another time?

After reading the His Fair Assassin trilogy, I really felt interested in the late 15th century. It was really well written and the descriptions really helped paint the picture.

District 7: Which book would you be most likely to burn as kindling?

I may have given this book 4 stars on Goodreads, but I’m still going to use it as kindling to make my fire. Sorry.

District 8: Which character has the biggest and best wardrobe?

Lara Jean has such great taste in clothes. When reading this, and her outfits were mentioned, not going to lie I swooned. A fashionable cutie pie.

District 9: Which book gives you food gravings?

Both the books made me feel jealous of Lara’s clothes, but they also made me want cookies. Really bad.

District 10: Who is the most unforgettable animal friend from a book?

Faraway was one hell of a horse. I will miss you buddy.

District 11: Name a character who experiences a lot of growth.

Celaena goes through a lot in the books and she has grown as a character and made decisions that lead to better things…or at least could lead to better things. She is beautiful, smart and cultured and super badass. I will forever love her.

District 12: Which book has a deep,dark, and dangerous setting or tone?

This book was dark and there was also danger. But it  is also a lot of fun, definitely my favourite book by Holly Black. A lot went on in the book and I couldn’t have enough of the story and characters.

District 13: Name one little known book that blew you away.

I have read the second book as well and I am quite surprised by how much I actually liked them. More people should read these books and I should probably finish the third and the fourth as well.


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