The Pixar Book Tag

Blogging Extravaganza

Today is March 14th and that means it is the third challenge day of  ”get up offa that slump” .

I have chosen to do a book tag today, because I couldn’t figure out how to write of myself as a book character. There was a list of different tags brought as examples on the original post (the original post is here) and I found the one I wanted to do right away.

I chose the Pixar Book Tag, because I am a huge baby and I love animated movies. Just kidding I am no baby. I AM AWESOME!

Now that I have managed to write another weird and sligthly awkward introduction, let’s start with the tag.

1. The warm up question: What’s your favourite Pixar movie?

Hands down  The Incredibles is my all time favourite Pixar movie. It is funny, super action/adventure filled and really cute. I love the characters and all the funny lines from the movie.

The Incredibles is my greater good.


2. Toy Story: Your favourite childhood book that you never grew out of

Hmmmm…I wonder what it is….

Peter Pan baby!!!!! I cannot put it into words, how special that book is and everytime I read it or read a part of it, I feel like flying myself. Most people spent their childhoods waiting for their Hogwarts letter, but I grew up waiting for Peter to come and take me to Neverland.



3. A Bug’s Life: A book that felt too similar to another popular book

I said it in the review as well, but ”Kaleidoscope Hearts” reminded me a lot of ”Ugly Love” by Colleen Hoover. I liked both of the books, but it seemed like they were pretty much the same story happening to characters whose names were different. And jobs and stuff like that of course…


4. Monsters Inc. : A villain whom you couldn’t hate

Usually the villains whom I don’t hate are in movies or TVshows, so this one is a little harder to answer.

Celeste from ”The Selection” was a mean girl at the beginning, so I guess I’d say I couldn’t hate her. One reason for it was that she was just such a fierce character and America kind of got on my nerves at times so…And then the third book happened and I was quite sad and shocked, because I honestly did not see that, what happened, coming.


5. Finding Nemo: Best family relationship you read about in a book

For this one I am going to go with ”To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” , because Lara Jean and her family is just perfect in their beautiful chaotic way and I will always love how cute they are with each other.


6. The Incredibles: The superpowers of a character you wish you had

I guess I wish I was a demigod. The daughter of Athena or something like that 🙂 It’d be so cool, I’d love the camp and all the other kids there and the magical creatures and the quests and ohmygod I WANT TO BE A DEMIGOD SO BAD!


7. Cars: A book where the characters go on a road trip/travel a lot

So for this one I am obviously going to go with ”Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour” . The both of them in the same car at first was awkward, but it became so much fun later (slightly sad as well) , but they had really cool adventures and made a lot of memories on their small detour and that’s the only thing that matters.


8. Ratatouille: Your favourite sidekick in a book

Calcifer aka the fire demon from ”Howl’s Moving Castle” . He is the greatest and sassiest demon ever and such a great sidekick in a book. He was also really well done in the anime (which is one of my favourite movies) .


9. Wall- E: What’s your favourite (or top 5) dystopian book/series

I really like the Lunar Chronicles…heck I love the Lunar Chronicles. Those books mix up everything I love about books and the writing is really well done, the characters are diverse, the plot engrossing. What else could you possibly want?


10. Up: The most beautiful love story you have ever read

”Me Before You” by Jojo Moyes is definitely up there amongst all the beautiful love stories I have read. It was moving and heartwarming, I read the book after I saw the trailer for the movie, because it just looked that good and trust me, it is even better than that.

Lou and Will are made for each other, but it is the way it is so get a BIG box of tissues for yourself.


11. Brave: The most badass heroine you’ve read about

I feel like I am always gushing about how great Celaena is so I am going to choose someone else for this.

Hazel from ”The Darkest Part of the Forest” is a really strong leading character. She is not afraid of anything and will do anything to protect the people around her, so she deserves this title.


12. Inside out: The book that gave you ”the feels”

”All the Bright Places” by Jennifer Niven gave me ALL THE FEELS. I saw what happened coming, but it was still like someone stabbing me over and over again. I am happy I decided to read this book on a “fine” saturday or sunday (cannot remember) morning, when everyone was still sleeping, because the ugly crying marathon of mine was definitely not meant for anyone else’s eyes. Jennifer made me fall in love with the characters and the story and then she broke my heart.














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