Top 5 Wednesday

It is time for another T5W. Today’s topic is Books You DNF (if you don’t know DNF stands for did not finish) . I don’t have that many books which I didn’t finish, but I do have some and the reasons may vary from didn’t like it to picked up another book and forgot about it.

If you want to join in on the T5W fun, go check out the group on Goodreads and find the creator Lainey on Youtube as gingerreadslainey.

Here are the top 5 books I did not finish:

1. “The Way of Kings” by Brandon Sanderson


I got this book for my birthday and I was so hyped about finally getting to read it and then I fell into a slump. Yeah, a slump. Right now this is on top of the NEED TO READ IT AGAIN list. I feel really bad about not finishing this book, because it is really good. The world and the characters and the way it is all written will make you wish you were as cool as Mr Sanderson.

2. “The Host” by Stephenie Meyer


I got it for a really good price and a lot of people said that it was a good book, so why not read it right? Well I got about 100 pages in and then I gave up. I just didn’t really like it that much, but maybe sometime in the future I’ll give it another try.

3. “Under Enemy Colours” by Sean Thomas Russell


I love pirates. Love them. But I, for some reason, put this book down and forgot about it. It was a really promising first 150 or so pages and I have to make sure to finish this book someday.

4. “Winter” by Marissa Meyer


The Lunar Chronicles books are my favourite retellings of fairytales. The female protagonists are all kickass and powerful and I just flew through the first three books. When I picked ”Winter” up to read it, I got exactly half way through and then something happened and I started reading other books. I don’t know what is wrong with me, but my top priority is to finish this book.

5. “Spirit Bound” by Richelle Mead


I like the Vampire Academy series. It’s interesting and one of those exceptions I have made to books about vampires, since I don’t really like them. I guess the reason for me not finishing this is that I was quite agitated with Rose and Lissa and just needed a break from all of their drama. At first I really liked Rose (Lissa not so much) and felt like ”Yeah this girl is great, badass and everything!” and then she turned into another lovesick teenager and I was like ”Girl, don’t get your bra in a twist.” , I mean I am all in for cheesy teenager stories, but I was hoping this wouldn’t turn into one. What made me even more angry was the fact that she was going after Dimitri who I hate, she should have killed him when she had the chance. Maybe I’ll consider finishing the series and move on to ”Bloodlines” , which I have heard is better.

We all have books that we put down and never pick up or set aside and come back to a few months later. It happens. That’s life. But overall this is what not finishing books makes me feel like:






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