I came up with a book tag/challenge

So I’d always liked the idea of coming up with a book tag that everyone could do and the other day I came up with one. I searched high and low on the Internet to make sure that nobody had done something like this, because I’d hate to take credit for it, but I found nothing. (If you know someone who has done sth like this already let me know)

I got the idea when I looked at the board games on top of my dresser. The idea of the challenge is that you have a list of boardgames and you have to match books to the descriptions I have given. The descriptions have to do with what the games are about or what I personally think of them. If you decide to do the challenge and you think of another good game to add, then feel free to do it.
You can choose your favourites as answers or random books, it’s all up to you and the only rule is to just have fun.

Without further ado, here is the Board games and books tag πŸ™‚

1. Jenga(since it’s not very stable and falls over) – a book that made you emotionally unstable

2. UNO(a friendship breaker aka bye friends) – a book that you love, but your friends hate aka bye friends

3. Candy Land(candy!!)- a book that made you gave for something sweet or a book with the most delicious cover

4. Around the World in 80 Days(it’s all about the travelling) – a book that made you want to reach for your passport and travel the world

5. Guess Who(lots of different identities and you have no idea who is who) – a book that had too many POVs and confused you

6. Boom Boom Balloon(will the balloon pop? So much tension) – a book you were afraid to continue reading, because the tension was too much

7. Circus(it’s a classic board game) – a classic

8. Clue(feeling like a detective) – a book full of mystery

9. Cards Against Humanity(it’s a weird game and slightly offensive)  a book that is an “abomination” , but you still like it

10. Yahtzee(I don’t understand this game) – a book that confused you (e.g. the plot, the story, the characters)

11. Monopoly(you have to collect the property and money) – complete book series you own or the most expensive book on your shelf

And that is it. If you like it feel free to do it. Make sure to use the hashtag ( #boardgamebookstag) and tag me as well.
You can do this on your blog or your social media accounts, it doesnt really matter. On instagram you can tag me by my username(locoforbooks) and if you do it on a blog, link mine πŸ™‚


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