The Unpopular Bookish Opinions Tag

So I thought I haven’t done any tag like this for a while and decided to try out the UBO tag.

This is a tag in which I can vent about books and characters I didn’t like and I am actually really looking forward to it. Maybe I’ll get some tough feelings off my chest by doing this…maybe not. It is still going to be awesome!

1. A popular book/ series you disliked

I can actually sense the angry fangirls forming a mob and coming to Estonia to kill me but…I didn’t like ”The Raven Boys” . I have only read the first book and OMG it was such a slow read. The book completely failed to catch my interest at times and I just didn’t really enjoy it. Maybe it was because I read it during a really stressful week at school and I just let all the bad feelings take me over and ruin my reading experience, but right now I can honestly say I don’t really feel like continuing this series.

2. A book/ series you like but everyone else hates

A lot of people don’t like the Iron Butterfly or An Unfortunate Fairy Tale series by Chanda Hahn, meanwhile I loved them both. They are both really good, but I liked the Iron Butterfly books a little bit more, because it was just perfection! There were, sure, a few things that could’ve been better, but overall I don’t think there was anything wrong with the books.

3. A love triangle where the main character ended up with the wrong person, or, an OTP you don’t like

Umm, I know I haven’t finished the Vampire Academy series, but I am pretty sure Rose ends up with lame Dimitri. Reading these books was fun, because I liked the story and everything, but Rose and Dimitri is a no go. I liked Adrian a lot better, but then again he was too good for Rose anyway.

Me telling Dimitri and Rose to just stop:


4. A popular genre you don’t read much

Thrillers have got a lot more popular these days, but I haven’t really read any. I just don’t really feel like reading them I guess. I have heard a lot of things about them and people are always talking about how good some of the thrillers are these days and everything, but it just doesn’t call to me. I’ll choose a good fantasy or contemporary over a thriller any day.

5. A popular character you don’t like

I don’t really like Katniss or the rest of the ”Hunger Games” characters. And to be quite honest I only gave the books 4 stars, because I like the plot. I don’t really like the movies either and I honestly cannot see what all the hype is about. Yeah, when I first read the book I was all excited and fangirling, but only because it was one of the first dystopian books I had read. Then as I kept reading more and more I realised that it is nothing too special. In fact, I still haven’t read the third book. I am also not sure if I want to.

6. A popular author you can’t seem to get into

I am bringing it back to ”The Raven Boys” and say Maggie Stiefvater. I’ll try again, but so far I have no overwhelmingly positive emotions towards her books.

7. A popular trope you are tired of seeing

I am the kind of reader, who gives a book five stars when there is one thing that I really really like. I don’t also pay that muvh attention to these kinds of annoying things, but I guess one is this: when the main character starts making stupid decisions and tries to justify them with the most ridiculous excuses. Like stop, please. My ears are bleeding and so are my eyes. You are stupid. It is also very aggrivating when those stupid decisions have to do with her crushes/ lovers.

8. A popular series you have no interest in reading

For this one I am going with ”Twilight” . I hate hate hate it and here’s a fun fact: I have never read the books or seen the movies. It’s just that I remember when it started getting popular first and everyone was always talking about it. Even my friends at school talked about it 24/7 and it just annoyed the hell out of me. The whole series was just too over-hyped and by the things I have seen on the internet, I will never ever read them or watch the movies. Too much drama and too many creepy glittering men.

9. The book is not always better than the movie

While I liked the ”Where Rainbows End” (Love, Rosie) book, I definitely liked the movie a little more. It was just a bit easier to follow and it seemed a little sweeter. The book was good, but the movie was better.




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