Top 5 Wednesday

This weeks topic is Characters You Are Most Like.
This will actually be very hard to do, because it takes some time to analyse all the books and characters and then match them with myself.

1. Cath from “Fangirl”


I am also kind of introverted and socially awkward at times. I am also very passionate about my fandoms and do enjoy the occasional writing, it is not fanfiction, but writing still.

2. Lola from “Lola and the Boy Next Door”


I am a positive and quirky person. I seem a little weird at times, but that makes me the awesome person I am πŸ™‚

3. Annabeth from the Percy Jackson books


I am smart(at least I think so)Β and love love love books and learning new things. And if I may say so, I think I am rather adventurous as well.

4. Ron from the Harry Potter books


I am a scaredy cat and hate hate hate spiders. I also have the occasional problems with coordination and overanalyse everything.

5. Magnus from the Mortal Instruments series


Sass, sass and sass. I am definitely not as sassy and sarcastic as him, but I aspire to be like that.

That was it for this weeks post, don’t forget to leave a comment saying if you are like any of these characters and don’t forget to leave a link to your post as well.
If you haven’t joined the T5W fun yet, then go look up the group on Goodreads πŸ™‚


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