Top 5 Wednesday

Sadly I missed last week because I just forgot that it was wednesday :’) I’m sorry.

Today’s topic is Favorite Literary Fathers/Father Figures and it is so because I guess it’ll be Father’s Day in America soon…I think so at least. It’s kind of weird because in Estonia it is in autumn, but I’ll still do this 🙂

You should also know that it has been a while since I read most of the books, so I won’t remember the names and also there is a good chance that they were never mentioned.

My favourite father figures:

1. Hans Hubermann from ”The Book Thief”


Hans was such a cute teddybear and I loved his character so much. He was really sweet and caring and made sure to give Liesl the best childhood possible.

2. Lara Jean’s father from ”To All the Boys I’ve loved before”


He was really funny and really cared for his daughters.

3. Lola’s fathers from ”Lola and the Boy Next Door”


They were loving, caring, wise and really really funny. I laughed out so loud whenever they were in a scene and the chemistry between those two was just wow.

4. Poseidon from the Percy Jackson series


Poseidon was a bit off, but he was still great and he had great taste in clothes :’)

5. Penny’s father from ”Girl Online”


To be honest I added this one because I couldn’t think of anyone else and as much as I remember he was a really funny father…so yeah.


Of course we cannot forget my all time favourite father figure Darth Vader, my husband. Love you honey :*


(when someone mentions his booknerd wife #proud )




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