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Half of Me series Blog Tour

I can’t put into words how happy I am to tell you that I am a part of a book tour again. I am so excited, because this author has moved into my top contemporary authors list.
That author is: Diana T. Scott. And we are here to talk about her Half of Me series and the third book that is coming out. *balloons get thrown into the air and cannons go off*

There are currently two books out in the series: “Our Demons, Best Friends” and “Love Me While I’m Gone” . The third books is going to be titled “Color Me Yours” and is coming out soon.

I don’t even know where to start the thanking of Antonia (@antoniareads), who made this all possible with her organization and Diana (@dianatscott) who just happens to be a really wonderful person and incredible writer.

I got to do a Q&A with Diana and the answers she gave me were great and really well thought out. Now you’ll get to see her answers to the questions I asked and after that you’ll get to read more on the books and Diana.

1. What gave you the inspiration to write  these books?

Until three years ago, I haven’t even considered writing as a possibility. I’ve always loved reading, yet never considered writing as a career. But one night, after a long conversation with one of my best friends, it suddenly hit me. It was like that dream you’re too afraid to admit you have. It took me about four months to finish my first novel and I haven’t stopped writing ever since. 

2. Is there any specific reason as to why the stories take place in a hospital?

For years, one of my biggest regrets was not pursuing a career in medicine. When I became a writer, I realized I can finally have all the life experiences I want, without worrying about the finality of a single career choice.

3. If you had to marry any character of yours male or female who would it be and why?

I think everyone knows by now that I have a huge weak spot for Sebastian. So the answer would have to be him. And since Ava and myself are so similar in so many ways, I guess I sort of am engaged to him. Haha. Don’t worry, the wedding is coming soon and you’re invited.  

4. What has the journey been like emotionally and physically, writing these books and publishing them?

As difficult as the process is, on so many levels, I still love every second of it. It’s time and nerve consuming and I can barely sleep, I eat even less, but all in all I know I won’t be able to relax for more than a couple of weeks until I start it all again. 

5. Could you say a little bit about your books to come in the future?

The Half of Me series will have five books in total, all of them published by this time next year. The first three of them are already available – “Our demons, best friends”, “Love me while I’m gone” and “Color me Yours”. I’m already working on the fourth, which will be the story of Lana and a guy you’ve heard about in ODBF, if you’ve read it. You’ll find out who he is soon enough. The fifth and final book is the story of Rick, the cute paramedic from ODBF and I know a lot of you are excited about his one, based on all the messages I’ve received asking me to write his story. So this one is for all of you!

6. There is a playlist at the end of the first book. Are any or all of the songs there your favorites?

Most of them are personal favorites, yes. Others are just songs that got me into a particular mood when I needed the help.

7. If you had to compare yourself to one modern-day author and one classic author, who would they be and why?

Even though I’ve been writing for almost three years now, I still feel like a complete beginner. I turn red and uncomfortable when people compare me to distinguished, incredible authors because I still feel like I have so much more to learn. I love and respect quite a few of them and, on the same note, I’m really proud of how far I’ve come, but I still feel like I have an incredible amount of work left to do. 

8. Describe the Half of Me series in four words.

Emotional. Funny. Sarcastic. Real. 

If you want to find Diana on social media, here are all her profiles 🙂






Writer of Our Demons, Best Friends, Love Me While I’m Gone and Color Me Yours. Perpetually sleep deprived, but never sorry. I am a colorful mix of the things I love. Chocolate eclairs. The sound of a guitar. The first snow of the year. Sleeping on freshly washed sheets. The smell of a new book. Man buns. Using rock-paper-scissors to settle an argument. Old, washed up jeans. Comfort food. Old people acting like kids. The ocean. My dog. My family.

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