Top 5 Wednesday

This week we have to mention the top 5 Authors We Are Waiting on Another Book From.

So this could be an author whose book you have loved and are waiting for them to write another one. It is also possible to mention the authors who won’t have book coming out until 2018.

I don’t have that many authors for this list so let’s see how it ends up.

1. Sarah Dessen

I know she had a book that came out in 2015- ”Saint Anything” – but I really want another REALLY GOOD book from her. ”Saint Anything” was good, but it didn’t blow me away. I am in desperate need of another Sarah Dessen book. They always manage to make me melt of cuteness.

2. Neil Gaiman

I really want him to come out with a new creepy children’s book like ”Coraline” . Like I seriously need something like that in my life and Neil is the best when it comes to books like that- original, creepy and compelling.

3. Holly Black

I love love LOVE Holly’s novel ”The Darkest Part of the Forest” and I would love for her to write something new, as twisted and magical as that book. I would read the hell out of it!

4. Stephanie Perkins

I need like some kind of Anna, Isla and Lola spin-off books. Right now! I loved all three books and the characters were all so good, I would love to see them in the future.

5. Lina Holloway

She sent me her book ”I Know This of Myself” for review as an ebook version and I wrote a review on it as well. If you have read it then you know that I absolutely loved that novel and I would love to see what else Lina has up her sleeve… or her pen 😉

What authors do you want to write new books?

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