Top 5 Wednesday

I don’t think I have done this for almost a month, I’ll try to get back in the T5W game as well as just writing reviews and tags. The first topic for the month of December is Books You Want to Finally Read in 2017.

There are quite a lot of new books and old ones that I need to get around to reading, so let’s see what the list of the top 5 books is like 🙂

1. ”Crooked Kingdom” by Leigh Bardugo


I really liked ”Six of Crows” so I really need to read this, especially since the first book ended with such a twist. I need to know how the story ends, but before I get to read the book….I need to get it.

2. Anything by Shakespeare

I really like Shakespeare and this year in English Literature we are going to talk about him and read, learn some of the sonnets by heart. I cannot wait for that…just a few more lessons. I think I would be really happy if I read any of his plays or his sonnets, so we’ll see how that goes.

3. ”Empire of Storms” by Sarah J.Maas


The final book in the ToG series, obviously I have to read this. Just haven’t got around to doing that yet.

4. ”Illuminae” by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff


I have heard so many good things about this series lately and now I really want to read it myself. I think I might ask this for Christmas.

5. ”And I Darken” by Kiersten White


I wanted to read it when it came out and I still do. I am so sad this isn’t in the bookstores in Estonia though. I think I’ll settle for the ebook then.




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