Top 5 Wednesday

This week because Christmas is right around the corner, the topic is Fictional Items You’d Give as Gifts. There has been a day long ago when we had to list the things we’d want to get and now here are the things that I would give to all my buds.

1. The  Invisibility cloak from Harry Potter

Let’s be honest this thing is the most useful thing ever. You can spy on everyone and just go around wherever the hell you want. I want this and I know all you want it too 😉

2. Riptide from Percy Jackson

A pen that turns into a sword? Yes. You can just go around and take care of bad guys and stuff. I don’t know. I just care about the safety of my friends, okay?

3. The books from The Shadow of the Wind

Julian Carax is an author in the book and sadly he isn’t real. I wish he was though because his books sound like the greatest ever and I just wish everyone could read them and know what I am talking about.

4. ”A kiss” from Peter Pan

So the kiss was a thimble and that is just the cutest thing ever. I’m going to give kisses to all my friends.

5. A lightsaber from Star Wars

Who wouldn’t want one?!

Do you want any of these things yourself or would you give them to a friend?




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