Book review: ”Am I Normal Yet?”


Book title: “Am I Normal Yet?” (The Spinster Club #1)

Author: Holly Bourne

Publication year: 2015

Number of pages: 434

Format: paperback

personal copy

Amount of stars I gave on Goodreads: 4.5☆


All Evie wants is to be normal. She’s almost off her meds and at a new college where no one knows her as the girl-who-went-crazy. She’s even going to parties and making friends. There’s only one thing left to tick off her list…

But relationships are messy – especially relationships with teenage guys. They can make any girl feel like they’re going mad. And if Evie can’t even tell her new friends Amber and Lottie the truth about herself, how will she cope when she falls in love?



This book was funny and better yet it was relatable.

The problems in this book were realistic, they were not romanticized or made into something cute. Evie’s way of thinking and her falling into relapse was a natural thing. There was no miraculous ”Oh, hey, I am cured!” which just does not make any sense at all.

“Mental illnesses grab you by the leg, screaming, and chow you down whole.They make you selfish. They make you irrational. They make you irrational. They make you self-absorbed. They make you needy. They make you cancel plans last minute. They make you not very fun to spend time with. They make you exhausting to be near.”   

The book was quite vulgar and open-minded when it game to sex, alcohol and what not, but then again isn’t that what life is like. No unicorns and rainbows, only young people making stupid mistakes.

The best part of the book is the friendship between the girls and their Spinster club. I loved the idea of the club, it was original and quite inspirational especially the things that were talked about.

There were really great arguments about how we are not allowed to talk about periods because it is gross and not acceptable. That you are supposed to keep this hidden and secret from everyone. How women were supposed to be fragile and men buff and hunky. And when those ”requirements” are not met we are instantly worth less than others.

“If we expect all men to have six-packs and biceps, we can’t get mad when they expect us to be stick-figures with DD boobs.”   

There was talk about how sexism and overanalyzing gives us really ridiculous expectations for our rolls in society. Men are afraid to open up about their feelings and are therefore more prone to suicide. Women are statistically affected by mental illness more than men, but are bullied for it. The world is very narrow with walls surrounding us all because of these rules and ideas that we have accepted, sometimes not even noticing how harmful we are being by doing so.

” Being a woman, in this world, ultimately makes you crazy.”   

This book really opens up the door to a more equal and independent way of thinking. I personally feel like I am much better informed about what it actually means to be a feminist, to stand for a community that sees everyone for who they are and does not operate on silly gender stereotypes.

“Bad stuff happens, people are mean, there are no steps you can take that ensure the world leaves you alone. All you can do is try not to be one of those people who contributes to the bad.”   

The characters in this book were your regular teenagers who fall into many cliché categories but then again that is the way it is supposed to be. The character development was not exactly something you could put on a graph and look at and think ”Yeah, this character went in the right direction.”

I don’t really know what else to say about this book because I feel like plot and character wise it was your regular contemporary about growing up and finding yourself. Instead I feel like this book is exceptional for the ideas that are given on and the way it was written. Brutally honest and eye-catching.

This book is a must read for anyone who feels passionate about these kind of problems and wants a refreshing change from the regular happy-go-lucky books.

Check the book out on Goodreads here.


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