Top 5 Wednesday

It is time for the first T5W topic of January 2017 and it is 2017 Goals.

Honestly I am not very big on resolutions and making goals for the upcoming year, but there are always a few things that I definitely feel like I want to or should do. Either they are book related (how many books I want to read) or something I just want to do.

So here are some of the things I feel like I want to achieve in 2017 🙂

1. Read 80 books

This year my reading goal is 80 books. I didn’t want to go higher than that because in 2016 I had a really hard time getting to the 70 I had planned on reading. I tried to keep it within my limits but still go higher than last year and the year before that.

2. Finish my research paper and get a good grade on it

I absolutely hate this research paper!!! I suck at writing and most of the time when I have a really good chance to take some time off to edit and write…I don’t do anything. So this is kind of a problem for me. I really want to write an amazing paper and also protect it well in spring. Fingers crossed!

3. Go travel somewhere

I love travelling so it is a must. I have gone on a summer holiday with my family for the past four years and it has always been amazing. Whether we go this year as well or not is up to my parents. If not then even a small road trip with my friends would be more than enough to calm down the adventurer inside me.

4. Reread some of my favourite books

I am actually kind of afraid of rereading books for some reason and I don’t know why. I just don’t reread them. The only book I think I have ever reread is ”Peter Pan”. So this year I  would love to read some of my favourite books again especially my all-time favourite ”The Shadow of the Wind”.

5. IDK just do anything

I couldn’t think of a fifth one so I just want to enjoy the year. I hope it is better…like much much better than 2016. If it is, I’ll survive. I just want to have a positive and nice year with my family and friends, of course by family and friends I mean burgers and books…just kidding (not really).

What are your goals for 2017?


8 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday”

  1. What is your research paper on? And where do you want to travel? As for re-reading books? I’m a huge proponent. I actually just wrote a post on Monday about it. But I’d say give it a try, you might find you like the books even better the second time through because they are already your friends 🙂

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    1. My research paper is on fandoms in Estonia. How many people we have met because of them, how much money we spend on merch. Harder than I thought :’) I would love to travel anywhere really. Maybe go to Stockholm again or Germany. We’ll see. I’ll check your post out as well!

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