Book review: ”Chasing Spring”


Book title: ”Chasing Spring”

Author: R. S. Grey

Publication year: 2016

Number of pages: 249

Format: ebook

Amount of stars I gave on Goodreads: 1☆


I thought I’d left Blackwater, Texas behind for good. I didn’t belong in the small town, but my dad wouldn’t listen. He dragged me back home in his beat-up truck and dropped a bomb along the way: Chase Matthews was moving in with us. He was the golden boy of my high school, my former best friend, and the last person I wanted sleeping across the hall. His presence was too great a reminder of the ghosts I was trying to forget.

I didn’t ask for a hero. I don’t want to be saved.

To me, Lilah Calloway meant late nights sneakin’; out, moonlit hair, and sparklers in July. She was my best friend until the day she left and I’d assumed Blackwater had seen the last of her. Then, like a tempest, she rolled back into town for the final half of senior year. The chopped hair and dark devil-may-care attitude warned most people away, but I knew if I fought hard enough, I could find the lost girl.

I didn’t want to be her hero. Some girls don’t need to be saved.


I really wanted to read this book because I had read great things on Goodreads and Instagram, but I was actually really let down by this book.

First of all I felt like the book was really rushed and the ending was abrupt, everything just kind of happened. I had kind of been hoping for maybe a bit more drama surrounding the tragic past of both Chase and Lilah. Also the whole aspect of Lilah collecting secrets and scandal was really interesting and I would have loved to see that more in the story. It just felt a bit like a random detail that I didn’t really see the need for.

What I really hated though was the fact that both Lilah and Chase referred to themselves as boyfriend/girlfriend, when in reality they had just started talking again and had shared one kiss. One kiss. And they both said they were dating. Like I am sorry, but is that how it works? Their relationship was so fast and there was really no base for it. If anything them being in love was weird. They basically based their feelings off of the fact that they had grown up together and basically that was it. There was no reason for them to feel the way they did, if you catch what I am trying to say.

They basically met for the first time in like two years and already were so crazy in love they could not think straight.

There wasn’t too much of a backround world building or other main characters to really come and change the story up into something really interesting. The only thing that was really focused on was Chase and Lilah.

Maybe the flashbacks could have been longer and shared more of the moments the duo had shared in the past. Maybe even the things that had happened before Lilah left to live with her aunt. Then maybe it would have come out that they already had strong feelings for each other then, but I felt like I really knew nothing about the characters and their time together. With other contemporaries we usually see the couple grow together, get to know each other and see the ”reasoning” behind their love. With books like these I think it is really important to get a feel for the things that happened in the past.

The writing style was okay, it was a bit on the boring side, because there were some things I would have wanted more detailed and better explained.

Overall the story was lacking a certain wow factor, I am pretty sure that the only thing I liked a lot about this book was the cover. That is really nice.

Maybe the other books by R. S. Grey are better, I haven’t read them, but right now I don’t really feel like I want to read them.

Check the book out on Goodreads here.



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