Book review: ”Eternal Darkness Oblivion”


Book title: ”Eternal Darkness Oblivion” (Eternal Darkness #2)

Author: J. F. Johns

Publication year: 2017

Number of pages: 291

Format: ebook

Amount of stars I gave on Goodreads: 3,75☆


The world is divided between humans and cyborgs.
Scarlet Lock is neither.
She is a soldier created to kill on command, and is now in the hands of Lucian White, leader of the Revolutionaries.
Lucian and Scarlet share a past and now a future. They need to find the other X-Prototypes before the battle against the government begins.
Eric Thorn will stop at nothing to get Scarlet back while Andrew Silverstone needs to find Eric to save his sister.
It’s a race against time.
They must hurry or else, fall into eternal oblivion.


I was lucky enough to receive the ebook version from the author in exchange for an honest review! Thank you again for sending me this ❤

I had to go over a few details in the first book and my review as well to see how much I remembered before I went in to this book. The more I read the better I remembered details from the first book as well.

”(…) You were never born from a mother and a father. You are an exact copy of a human girl called Scarlet Lock.”

The first thin I’d like to talk about is the setting and plot of the novel. It is just really well done, the facts and ”history” of the world of cyborgs and humans. The cruel experiments. It is very well done and original, even though in the sci-fi and fantasy/dystopian genre one could find a few books that maybe follow same lines in some way. The world building reminds me a little bit of the Hunger Games trilogy though with the different capitals that specialize in something special or have other traits to be recognized by.

The writing was at first a bit slow, but picked up later in the book and it was much easier to read. The whole story seemed to get a lot more interesting in the second half.

”She would try as hard as she could to only use her hands to defend herself to avoid causing death.”

One thing that I really love about this book, is the wide selection of characters. They all have their pros and cons, they all have something to hide. I have to say I wasn’t that big of a fan of Eric in this book. He seemed a lot more annoying and bitter and overall kind of unlikeable. To be honest he seemed like a really small, whiny boy.

Scarlet was the regular hero of the story, who is confused and needs to do everything for the good of the world, e.g. jump out of helicopters and break hearts of people she actually cares for. I do like her as a narrator though, because the way she is written leaves a lot of loose ends and while reading you get to slowly put the puzzle together.

”We’ll always live with these gaps in our minds, and we’ll never know the entire story. Just pieces of it.”

I feel like this book was written with very evil intentions because the last fifteen or so pages of the book was sad as hell. I don’t want to spoil but just saying…don’t get attached. J. F. Johns is the master of ending books on a cliffhanger though, there were some really good revelations and then…it ended. Now I have to wait until I maybe get to read the third book and see what happens. Who is a traitor? Who falls in love? Who forgives?

Too much left to think about and I really do need to get some clarity. There were some really well written ”villains” and the actions in the book were fast and didn’t drag on too much. I feel like this is a perfect book to read if someone likes dystopian sci-fi and things like that, but really hates reading massive books that just go on and on and on.

”This time, she was in control.”

Everything was really well done and I definitely want to see where things go. The only thing that took the rating down was the fact that it was a bit slow in the beginning still and it didn’t dazzle me as much as the first book. But still it is a great sequel to the first book and carried the story on to a really interesting place.

Check the book out on Goodreads here.


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