Update time!

It’s the time again for an update on everything I have been doing and reading.

So this month has been a little slow for me because literally every single day at the beginning of March was spent on editing my research paper and I can happily say I have now finished it and turned it in. Now I just have to wait until the end of April when we have to protect our papers and then I’ll know what grade I get. It was a very tedious task, but I had such an amazing mentor and I feel so relieved now that I have finished it and no longer have to worry about it.

This also means that I have more free time to read which I am really happy about 🙂 I can’t focus too much on books I want to read right now because of the book I have to read for English Literature class and that is….(dun dun duun) ”Robinson Crusoe” by Daniel Defoe.

I have never really liked the book so reading it again is torture. I have to read it through for Thursday and let’s just say it ain’t going too good. I have a lot of really exciting books to read though and I cannot wait to get to them and review them, especially one that was provided to me by Hachette UK and it is a book that was also on my list of most anticipated 2017 releases.

I have managed to read two books this month just because I wanted to and those are: ”Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe” (the first reread of 2017, this year I made a promise to reread more books) and ”Eternal Darkness Oblivion”. I wrote a review on ”Eternal Darkness Oblivion” because it was sent to me by the author and I enjoyed it. It is the sequel to ”Eternal Darkness” which I read last year.

So yeah, I’m not dead or even lazy (this time), just really busy and tired. But four more days and then spring break begins. Hallelujah! And I will try to spend most of the time catching up on my reading and also spend the first half of the break dying of the fact that I will soon meet Counterfeit.

I hope you aren’t dying from schoolwork and get to enjoy reading 24/7  ❤



  1. thedailyam · March 13

    Good luck with your research paper! Hope you get more time to read what you like during break 😄

    Liked by 1 person

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