Book review: “Raudrästiku aeg”

Book title: ”Raudrästiku aeg”

Author: Indrek Hargla

Publication year: 2016

Number of pages: 352

Format: paperback

Amount of stars I gave on Goodreads: 4☆


Menukate apteeker Melchiori lugude autori Indrek Hargla uue kriminaalromaani tegevus toimub alternatiivajaloolises muinasaja Eestis. Selle riigi nimi on Kuningavald ning muistses Viljandis, mida siis Veelindeks kutsuti, valitseb noor kuningas Uljas. Romaani peategelaseks on kuninga nõunik Koiola Aotõiv, kelle terav vaist ja nutikus aitavad tal lahendada mitu mõrvamõistatust. Aotõivi retked viivad teda ka Saaremaale Kaali linnusesse, kuhu on saabunud saladuslik rändur Kreekast, ning tänapäeva Tallinna asukohta, kus paiknevad muistse Rävala pealinn Iru ja sellega rivaalitsev Härjapää
linnus. See on tuhande aasta tagune aeg, mil kaugel Põhjalas usutakse olevat jumalate koda ja laevamehed käivad mööda jõgesid kauplemas lõunamaaturgudel; aeg, mil idast ja läänest ründavad Kuningavalda raevukad viikingid ning Euroopast saabuvad ristiusumisjonärid, kuulutades patuhimu hukatuslikkust ja lunastust läbi Jeesusjumala. Panused on kõrged ja intriigid surmavad. See on raudrästiku aeg.


The fact that I liked this book a lot is surprising because I didn’t really like the Apteeker Melchior (Apothecary Melchior) book we had to read for school (it was of course written by him as well).

While Apteeker Melchior seemed to drag on for a long time, this book was really well-paced and enjoyable. The amount of research Indrek Hargla puts into his books is amazing and I felt drawn to all the details.

It is an alternative historical novel that consists of four stories and all of them have their own mysteries. They are about murder and deceit. There is a lot of talk about religion and old traditions and I liked how the made up was mixed with what has been said to have been.

This book takes place a long long long way back in Estonia and one thing that I really loved about this book- more than anything- were the names of the characters. They were so funny! I couldn’t stop laughing at a lot of them.

I felt like Aotõiv was the male version of Miss Marple, solving crimes and sticking his nose everywhere. It made the reading even more entertaining. All of the characters were very interestingly written and original. I liked the fact that I got to think along with Aotõiv and try to solve the mysteries by myself as well.

It is a really explicit book and I don’t think it would be a good idea to read it if one is faint-hearted. I, on the other hand enjoy morbid things and absolutely loved everything. Especially the part where Death was portrayed as an old woman!

I truly wish this would be translated into English because I really do recommend this book. I think it shows the really strong and wonderful side of Estonian literature that appeals to a lot of people. It was a really enjoyable book and I have already told a lot of my friends about this.

Check the book out on Goodreads here.


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