Book review: ”Hot Toddy”


Book title: ”Hot Toddy”

Author: T. C. Collins

Publication year: 2016

Number of pages: 330

Format: paperback

Amount of stars I gave on Goodreads: 2☆


Everyone is talking about Hot Toddy. Who is LJ? Does she even know? Growing up in the heartland of America, LJ didn’t learn what the world was really like outside the boundaries of her family farm until she left for college in Southern California. She immediately falls head over heels in love with a hot surfer and his sun-and-surf laid-back lifestyle. She picks up modeling and acting gigs to pay down her student loans.

After a few unbearable twists of fate, LJ abandons her Midwestern values for the temptations of Hollywood—and that’s only the beginning. Caught in the pressure of balancing a lie and reality, and with her seemingly new best friend, Sidney, becoming more viperous at every turn, LJ can no longer escape the fall down the rabbit hole into a dark world of money and power, where sex sells and everything is for sale.

Hot Toddy is for every young woman who’s ever let her foolishness consume her. Part naughty thrill ride, and part serious take on coming of age in a time when wealth and celebrity seem to be the only things that matter, Hot Toddy promises to be this year’s best read, with big belly laughs, engaging women characters, and an unexpected finale that will leave you wanting more.


I received a copy of the book from the author and this is my honest review. I am very thankful that I got the opportunity to read this book and review it. There were a few things that took down the rating.

The writing seemed a bit rushed, most of the dialogue seemed forced. And speaking of the dialogue, the author used a lot of slang and tried to make the text as ”fresh”, I guess, as possible. It definitely had a lot of the language that has formed thanks to the Internet.

Furthermore the main character made a lot of ill-advised decisions and gave all her actions the most childish excuses. She was also a character with very bad luck apparently. But she did in the end turn her life around and end up in a better place.

The novel did build up a nice picture of someone who doesn’t know how to let go of toxic people. LJ just kept going back and fell into the wrong crowd one too many times. Made some decisions just because everyone else was making them and wanted to believe that everything that was good for others, was good for her.

It was fast and did entertain me. This book is definitely one that is great for a certain audience but I am not a part of it. I do not often find myself liking New Adult fiction though, so it could mainly be because of that.

Check the book out on Goodreads here.


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