Top 5 Wednesday

I haven’t done this in such a long time. I am a horrible human being.

It is a real problem for me to keep up regular posts for some reason and I have no way to explain it. I’m just sorry. Did I already mention I SUCK AT CONSISTENT BLOGGING?

Anyway, it is time to write a T5W post for you and today the topic is Summer Reads. And to be quite honest, I think most of these are going to be contemporaries…because nothing says summer like a good old YA romance.

Here are all the books I think are a necessary part of summer:

1. Sarah Dessen’s books

Seriously love her books. They are really easy to read, have great characters and storylines. My favourite is “Just Listen” , so I recommend reading that.

2. “The Lightning Thief” and other Percy Jackson books

Percy Jackson all the way! Funny, adventurous and highly addictive. The best camp ever is Camp Half-Blood and nothing is better than summer and camps, am I right?
3. “I’ll Meet You There”

This book is probably going to be my favourite contemporary of the year. It was amazing! It made me cry though so beware, get some tissues just in case.
4. “Between Us and the Moon”

This is, I feel, a mandatory summer read. It is all about having a fun summer and figuring out who people are and what love is. It was such a beautiful story and it is really fast-paced. Are people tired of me talking about this book? HA! Don’t care.
5. “Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe”

I cannot not include my second favourite book of all time. That would not make any sense at all. This books is a beautiful story about love and friendship as well as family. It is also about two boys who fall in love, so taste the rainbow!

Here’s a final Yay to me writing a T5W post!


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