Wrap Up

June Wrap Up

I read two books in June. It was a busy month, I had an exam and work to do, a trip with my family…also I chose not to read. I suddenly felt like taking it slow and not making myself read just for the sake of reading a lot of books. I wanted to take my time and read when I felt like it and as you can see, I did not feel like it for most of the month.

Besides the two books that I did finish I also got about halfway through with ”Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Brontë. I am thinking of finishing it in July, but that remains to be seen.

The books I read:

1. ”The Sound of Us” (Radio Hearts #1) by Ashley Poston

18619593.jpgAshley Poston is the author of a book that everyone has been loving this year- ”Geekerella”. That book has been on my TBR ever since it came out, but quite sadly I haven’t got around to reading- let alone buying- it. I did do some research and found out that she has written two books in a trilogy (?) called Radio Hearts and both of the books had great reviews. So I decided to read the first book. Now I was not as impressed with this as a lot of other people had been. It was good, and funny, but it just lacked something and that’s what let me down. Maybe it was the fact that the relationship in this book was just absolutely ridiculous, too fast in my opinion and built up on a few fun nights out??!?!?!?. There was a lot about the characters and plot overall as well that seemed silly and just unbelievable, but I am not planning on writing a review for this, so let’s leave it at that. It was an okay book to read and I gave it a 2.75 stars on Goodreads.

2. ”Armastuskirju teatrile” by Jim Ashilevi

E9789949587292I am not going into too much detail here, because I want to leave all the good stuff for the review that I am working on. I took this on our family vacation and read this during the time we spent in the car and finished it when we got home. It was a great book to have on vacation, because it was really relaxing and entertaining to read. The concept of the book is really fun- Jim Ashilevi, who is an actor and author and much more, writes love letters to the theatre and in those letters expresses his many emotions and feelings towards acting, plays and the very essence of theatres. It gets sappy and it gets violent, funny and absolutely beautiful and I just loved it so much. I gave this 5 stars on Goodreads and I will write a lot more about what I thought in my review 😉

How did June go for you guys and what are the coolest books you managed to read?


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